Bracelets for Breast Cancer

Why Am I Selling and Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness?

For the months of September and October, Elle Mayo Designs by Dance Roots Etc., will sell bracelets in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. When I previously worked on a Making Strides for Breast Cancer campaign, it touched my spirit deeply.  To speak with and put a face to those who are survivors, made me feel like I was doing something to help the cause and bring awareness. Why I learned during that time is

$50 worth of car gas = 7 rides to treatment
$150-$250 = free lodging for patients
$2500 = 1 week of research

I want to continue to help by selling The Pink Ribbons and High Heels Bracelets for Breast Cancer. Each bracelet is $20 and there is a choice of two styles a bangle and a stretch bracelet. Half of the proceeds will go to The American Cancer Society/Making Strides for Breast Cancer. My goal is to sell a minimum of 50.

I hope you will join me in helping to Stomp out Breast Cancer One Step at a Time.

-Elle Mayo/Owner/Designer 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Check Out These Breast Cancer Information Resources. Know The Signs. Protect the Tatas.

Elle Mayo Designs will be participating in the Making Stride Against Breast Cancer Walk in New Jersey. Consider Signing Up For A Breast Cancer Walk In Your Area.